Funnels Week - Win #8

Compare your funnel behavior by channel


By the end of this win, you’ll know whether visitors from specific channels are more likely to convert. This information will help you prioritize your marketing and funnel optimization efforts and focus on the most promising channels.

Some channels drive higher-intent visitors, who will convert better in your funnel than low-intent visitors. For example, organic traffic is usually known to be the best converting channel since organic visitors have higher intent. But there are many more channels, and by following the steps below, you’ll see how they affect visitor behavior across your main funnel.
Step 1:
Explore your top channels. 
In the All Visits view, explore the top 3–5 channels that bring traffic to your site. 
Step 2:
Filter your funnel by channel. 
Head over to the Funnels section, and filter your main funnel by channel. Compare the results of your top 3–5 channels. Note which channel performs best, as well as which channel has strong potential for improvement. 

What’s next? 

Learn how visitor behavior varies according to what channel they came from. What does this mean about the visitors who come from each channel? For example, maybe you’ll see that email visitors complete most of your funnel but don’t end up purchasing. In this case, offering a coupon only for your email subscribers might make sense. They may expect to get better deals since they are more committed to you. 
Focus your marketing efforts on your top channel, and choose another promising channel to focus your funnel optimization efforts on.