Funnels Week - Win #7

Compare your funnel by geo location


By the end of this win, you’ll know whether visitors from specific locations are more likely to convert. This information will help you prioritize your funnel optimization efforts.

If your product or service is more relevant to people in a certain location, or if your funnel is better optimized for such a location, you should know about it. With that knowledge, you can focus on that specific location when promoting your product. You can also turn your attention to localizing your product and/or funnel to promising under-performing locations. 
Step 1:
Explore which locations bring the most traffic. 
In the All Visits view, explore the top 3–5 locations you get traffic from.
Step 2:
Filter your funnel by geo.
Head over to the Funnels section, and filter your main funnel by geo. Compare the results of each of your top 3–5 locations to identify which performs best. 
Funnels Week - Win 7 - Step 2 Image

What’s next? 

Move budget resources from underperforming locations to those that perform well. Also, if you have a high-traffic location with low conversion rates, make a plan to optimize that funnel. Consider localizing your product/service or your website.