Funnels Week - Win #6

Analyze your main funnel by UTM campaign, and adjust your budget accordingly


By the end of this win, you’ll know which user acquisition campaigns drive the highest conversion rate. This information will enable you to focus your efforts and budget on the most important channels.

Visitors from different marketing campaigns will likely behave differently. For example, visitors who clicked a discovery ad on Facebook (i.e., an ad for a product that the user wasn’t actively looking for at the time) will likely behave differently than Google Search ad visitors, who usually have higher intent. Different campaigns from the same channel can also lead to different results. A video ad might prime your prospects more effectively than an image ad, therefore bringing them to your funnel with higher intent. Let’s analyze your campaigns, which you can do using the 2 steps laid out below.
Step 1:
Use UTMs in all your marketing campaigns going forward. 
If you already have those set up, move to Step 2. If not, you can use the Channels section to compare results in the meantime.
Step 2:
Filter your main funnel by UTM campaign
You’ll do this filtering in the Funnels section. Compare the results for each campaign, and see where you should focus your efforts. You might find a difference in the source level (e.g., Google vs. Facebook), creative level, or targeting level.
Funnels Week - Win 6 - Step 2 Image

What’s next? 

Move budget resources from underperforming campaigns to those that perform well. If you notice the difference is between creatives, adjust the underperforming creatives, too.