Reports Week - Win #2

Customize your report’s design


In this win, you’ll craft a beautiful, professional design for your report. Add your logo (or your client’s) and change the color scheme to really make the report design your own.

In Win #1, you selected the data you want to include in your report. Now you can follow the steps below to make the report look stunning.
Step 1:
Add a logo to your report.
To get started with your report design, click Design at the top of the screen. Then click Add A Logo. You can now upload any logo you’d like to appear on your report. Drag and drop a file, or click Browse as shown in the image below.
Reports Week - Win 2 - Step 1 Image
Step 2:
Change the color scheme and graphics.
In the same dialog box, click Choose A Color. You can use this option to include your company’s logo colors in the report or just go with whatever color suits you. To choose the illustration style for the report, click Select Graphics.
Reports Week - Win 2 - Step 2 Image

What’s next?

Now that your report’s looking sharp and professional, it’s time to send it out. Check out Win #3 to learn how to set up automatic reporting.