Reports Week - Win #1

Create fully customized reports


By the end of this win, you’ll have created fully customized reports you can send according to whatever time schedule you want.

With Oribi, you can create beautiful reports to share with clients and colleagues in just a few clicks. The reports are fully customizable, so feel free to include only the data you want. 
To create a report, follow these 2 steps:
Step 1:
Create your report.
In the Reports section of your Oribi account, click Create A New Report. Give your report a name, and choose the title and description you want to appear on the cover of your report. These fields are located right above the report.
Step 2:
Decide what you want your report to include.
On the left side menu, you’ll see all the sections included in your report by default. To omit any section, click the eye icon next to it. To add it back, click the icon again. These changes can also be made using the Visible toggle above the report. To reorder sections, click the six dots to the left of each one and drag and drop. 
Reports Week - Win 1 - Step 2 Image
You can also customize each report section by clicking on it in the side menu. Choose which trends, insights, funnels, correlations, and Magic Events you’d like to include. You may also reorder the events in each section by again clicking the six dots to drag and drop. Add descriptions to any section you choose by clicking + Add A Description above the report.

What’s next?

Head to Win #2 for this week to find out how to customize your new report’s design.