Website Optimization Week - Win #7

Add a CTA on your About page, and see how it performs


By adding a CTA to the About page, you’ll be leveraging that traffic to increase conversions.

The About page is likely one of the most visited pages on your website. As visitors are already landing on that page, it makes sense to leverage the traffic and point those users toward your conversion funnel. Here are the steps to do so.
Step 1:
Check to see if you have a CTA on your About page.
If you already have a CTA on your About page, great! You can measure how well it performs using Explore Page Visits. Choose your About page in the dropdown menu, and then scroll to the Button Clicks section. Think about ways you can optimize that CTA to encourage more visitors to click through.
Step 2:
Add a CTA if you don’t yet have one.
If you don’t yet have a CTA on your About page, add one. Then, after a week or so, you can measure its performance in Oribi.

What’s next?

Keep testing changes to the About page’s CTA until you’re satisfied with the results.