Website Optimization Week - Win #6

Discover the main paths visitors take on their way to conversion


By the end of this win, you’ll know the most common paths your converting visitors take as they move toward conversion. You can then optimize these paths to guide more visitors through the funnel.

As your website visitors are not always predictable, it can be tricky to figure out where to optimize to get more of them through your funnel. Following the steps below to analyze your visitor’s most common paths can unearth opportunities for optimization.
Step 1:
Use the Visitor Journeys Aggregator to find the most common path your site visitors take on their way to convert.
You’ll find the Journeys Aggregator under the Visitor Journeys section in Oribi. Select your main conversion from the dropdown menu, and below it, you’ll see the top paths your visitors take to get there. It’ll look something like this:
Website Optimization Week - Win 6 - Step 1 Image
Step 2:
Think about how you can optimize that route to get more visitors through.
For example, maybe you found that the majority of visitors go through your Contact Us page before they convert (as in the example above). In that case, you may consider adding a contact form on your homepage to streamline that flow.

What’s next? 

You can also create funnels for the most popular paths. This approach will give you a better understanding of how many visitors move from one step to another. If you find a big drop-off, try to optimize that step. For help creating funnels in Oribi, check out our help center articles.