Funnels Week - Win #4

Understand how your top entry pages affect your main funnel conversions


By the end of this win, you’ll know if and how different entry pages affect your funnel conversion rates. This knowledge will enable you to drive more traffic to your best-converting funnels and optimize your messaging.

Different entry points to your main funnel will probably result in different conversion rates. For example, starting on the homepage will have different conversion rates compared to a funnel starting on your blog. Which is better? What should you optimize first? What should you advertise? In this win, you’ll compare the performance of funnels that end at the same place but start on different pages. Let's get to work using the steps detailed below!
Step 1:
Head over to your main funnel.
Step 2:
Break down your main funnel by entry point.
Using Oribi’s Super Funnels feature, you can compare your main funnel by the top pages that lead people to it. Go ahead and do that.
Funnels Week - Win 4 - Step 2 Image
Step 3:
Compare the conversion rates across these funnels.
Bonus step: Ensure you have relevant CTAs that drive visitors to your main funnel. 
If you don’t have relevant CTAs on all those pages, add them.

What’s next? 

If you run paid campaigns, optimize them to drive people to your top-performing funnel. Try to understand why some pages more effectively prime visitors to convert than other pages. Having that information will help you not only with your funnels but also with overall messaging.