Website Optimization Week - Win #5

Determine whether mobile visitors are more or less likely to convert


In this win, you’ll discover how visitors coming from different platforms convert and learn how to optimize for platforms with low conversion rates.

As users browse websites from a variety of platforms, ensure your site is optimized not only for desktop, but also for mobile and tablet. The steps below will help you identify where and how you should optimize.
Step 1:
Analyze your conversion event by platform.
You can do this in Oribi using Explore Button Clicks (if your conversion event is a button), Explore Page Visits (if your event is a page), or Explore Custom Events (if the event is a custom event). Scroll down to the Desktop vs. Mobile vs. Tablet section. There, you’ll see how many users completed your conversion event.
Website Optimization Week - Win 5 - Step 1 Image
Step 2:
If you see a big difference in the number of conversions coming from mobile and desktop, create a funnel of your conversion flow.
It’s normal to see a difference between desktop and mobile conversion rates, but if that difference is more than 20%, consider trying to improve the results for the platform with the lower rate. For example, let’s say your signup conversion rate for mobile is much lower than it is for desktop. The next step would be to create a funnel of your signup flow in Oribi.
Website Optimization Week - Win 5 - Step 2 Image
Step 3:
Identify the step with the biggest drop.
In the example, a similar percentage of visitors moves from Step 1 to Step 2 on both mobile and desktop. However, the drop between Steps 2 and 3 is much bigger for mobile users. This drop is a great place to begin optimizing to get more visitors from Step 2 to Step 3.

What’s next?

For more guidance on how to optimize for a certain platform, see Win #3 of Funnels Week. If one of your platforms has a much lower conversion rate, we recommend stopping any paid advertising you’re doing on that platform until you’re able to optimize. Instead, focus your budget on the platform that converts well.