Website Optimization Week - Win #4

Analyze one of your top pages to increase conversions


By the end of this win, you’ll have launched an optimization test aimed at increasing the percentage of visitors who move through your conversion flow.

This win builds off Win #3 of this week. We recommend checking it out before beginning this task.
Having completed Win #3, you’ve already got an idea of which buttons visitors click on your top pages. You may also have started brainstorming ideas as to why visitors do or don’t click where you want them to. In this win, you’ll test out whether making a change to one of your key pages can help get more visitors through your funnel. The steps below walk you through running that test.
Step 1:
Choose the key page you want to optimize.
This page can be any of your top pages. Let’s use the Features page as an example.
Step 2:
Note how many visitors to that page take the desired action.
Just as you did in Win #3, use the Button Clicks section of Explore Page Visits. Say you want users to click Sign Up on your Features page. In the screenshot below, the percentage of visitors who clicked on “Sign Up” is quite a bit lower than that of those who clicked “FAQ” or “View Screenshots.”
Website Optimization Week - Win 4 - Step 2 Image
Step 3:
Think about what you can change so that more visitors take your desired action.
In the above example, you would want users to click “Sign Up.” To figure out which change you should make, look at the button in question. Do users have to scroll down very far to get to the button? Does the button get lost among other content? Is the messaging clear? Are there other places on the page where you can add the same CTA?
Step 4:
Decide on a change, implement it, and check your results.
Whatever you decide to change, keep it to one change at a time so that you’ll know for sure what led to new results. Give it a week, and then check your conversion rate again using Explore Page Visits. Did the results improve?

What’s next? 

After completing the test above, try to understand how the change contributed to the results. Is there anything you can learn about what does or does not drive your visitors to action?
Repeat the above steps until you’re satisfied with the results. You can also repeat this test with other popular pages on your site.