Website Optimization Week - Win #3

Analyze what users click on throughout your key pages


Once you know what users are currently clicking on throughout your key pages, you can take steps to encourage users to click where you want them to. Such encouragement will bring more users through your funnel.

The first step to knowing how to guide more users through your funnel is knowing what they’re already clicking on once they arrive at your key pages. Do this easily in Oribi, using Explore Page Visits to work through the steps below.
Step 1:
Open Explore Page Visits in Oribi.
Choose one of your key pages from the dropdown menu. For example, you may choose your Pricing, Features, or Signup page. Scroll down to the Button Clicks section.
Website Optimization Week - Win 3 - Step 1 Image
Step 2:
Note which buttons visitors click most frequently on the selected page.
Are most visitors clicking where you want them to click? For example, on your Features page, are visitors clicking to sign up? If not, which buttons do they gravitate toward?
Step 3:
Repeat these steps for all your key pages.

What’s next?

If your visitors aren’t clicking the buttons that will move them through the funnel toward conversion, brainstorm ways you can improve the flow. You could experiment with changing the design or location of your CTAs, as well as switching up the messaging or adding additional CTAs elsewhere on the page. We’ll talk more about optimizing your top pages in Win #4.