Website Optimization Week - Win #2

Discover how your key pages correlate with sales


By the end of this win, you’ll know how to reorder your top menu based on which pages convert best.

In Win #1, you used Oribi’s Explore Page Visits to identify which buttons visitors to your homepage click most. Now, using the steps below, you’ll see how well the pages those buttons lead to actually convert.
Step 1:
Create event correlations for your most visited pages and your main conversion.
If you need some guidance on creating event correlations, see Win #3 of Content Marketing Week. You can also check out this section of our help center.
Step 2:
Compare how well your main pages convert.
Compare your correlations. In the example below, visitors to the Features page are more likely to also sign up. If this were your site, because you know this page converts well, you’d want to ensure it is immediately visible in your top menu.
Website Optimization Week - Win 2 - Step 2 ImageWebsite Optimization Week - Win 2 - Step 2 Image 2

What’s next? 

Adjust your top menu according to which pages convert best. Your goal is to lead more visitors to those pages, so ensure they’re easily accessible on the menu. You may consider listing those pages first, for instance.
Additionally, you could experiment with adding links to your top-performing pages in different parts of your website (e.g., a footer). This step can help increase the number of people who make it to those pages.