Website Optimization Week - Win #1

See how users interact with your top menu


You’ll learn how people use your website’s main menu, which indicates what they care most about. These are the places on your site you’ll want to optimize first.

In order to optimize your website, you first need to know what’s currently happening there. How do visitors behave on your site? Which pages do they visit, and which buttons do they click? These answers will tell you where to focus your optimization efforts, and the steps below will walk you through getting those answers.
Step 1:
Use Oribi to find out how users interact with your main menu.
The menu options your visitors click tell you what they care about. If visitors click on your Testimonials page, they’re interested in real-life use cases. Or maybe they’re clicking through to your product pages, meaning they’re looking to browse items for sale.
To find out how visitors use your site menu, go to Explore Page Visits in Oribi. Choose your homepage from the dropdown options, and scroll to the Button Clicks section.
Website Optimization Week - Win 1 - Step 1 Image
Step 2:
Note which buttons visitors to your homepage click most. 
In the example depicted above, it’s the About Us page. The example also shows that visitors are interested in the Features and Customer Testimonials pages. These top pages would be the ones you’d want to optimize.

What’s next? 

Now that you know your most visited pages, head to Win #2 to discover how your key pages correlate with sales, and then rearrange your top menu accordingly.