Content Marketing Week - Win #7

Add an exit popup to your blog posts


By using exit popups on your blog posts, you can nurture visitors who aren’t yet ready to commit and turn them into customers further down the road.

Let’s say there’s a visitor to one of your blog posts. It’s the first time this person has been to your blog, and they’re not yet ready to head to your main site to sign up, book a demo, or purchase your product. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stay in contact with that visitor, nurturing them as a lead over time? You can do this with exit popups.
Step 1:
Decide what you’d like your exit popups to include.
This will most likely vary by industry. For example, if you’re an online makeup shop with a beauty blog, you may want to offer a discount that the visitor can use when making a purchase from your main site. On the other hand, if you’re a SaaS product, it might make more sense to prompt the visitor to sign up for your newsletter so that you have an email address with which you can continue to market to them. Check out this post for examples of exit popups that have worked for other companies.
Step 2:
Decide which tool you’ll use to create your exit popup.
There are myriad tools you can use to do this; simply choose the one that works best for your aim and budget.
Step 3:
Nail down your messaging and implement your popup.
The text you choose to include on your popup will depend on your aim (Step 1). Once you’ve got your design and messaging ready to go, set your popup live on your site.

What’s next?

Monitor how well your popup converts. Are people responding to it? Remember—if the first messaging you decide on doesn’t convert as well as you’d like, you can experiment with other types of messaging.