Content Marketing Week - Win #6

Discover opportunities in the common paths blog readers take


By the end of this win, you’ll know how to optimize your blog visitors’ common paths and get more visitors through your main funnel.

Trying to figure out where to optimize on your site can be overwhelming—especially if you have a lot of content. Oribi makes it easy by showing you the most common paths visitors take from your content to conversion. Once you know the route most visitors take, you’ll know where to zero in on optimization. Here are the steps to help figure that out.
Step 1:
Use the Visitor Journeys Aggregator to find the most common path your blog readers take on their way to convert.
You’ll find the Journeys Aggregator under the Visitor Journeys section of Oribi.
Step 2:
See if you can optimize that path to serve your overall conversions.
For example, let’s say you find that many of your blog readers go through your contact page on their way to convert. In this case, you may consider adding a Contact Us form on the blog post itself so that your readers don’t have to leave the page. If your readers can stay on your blog post, they may still click the main CTA there instead of forgetting about it after they navigate to the contact page.
This process will help to increase the conversion rate of blog readers who may otherwise be distracted by the content.

What’s next? 

Once you know the common paths your readers take, you can also create funnels for those paths. Creating such funnels will give you a clear understanding of how many visitors make it through each step, showing you which steps of the funnel need your attention most. If you’re not sure how to create funnels in Oribi, check out our help center articles for step-by-step instructions.
Once you’ve got your funnels built, you can identify the steps with the highest drop-offs and begin optimizing those steps. For more guidance on how to analyze and optimize your funnels, see this article.