Funnels Week - Win #3

Compare funnel behavior for mobile vs. desktop


By the end of this win, you’ll know if mobile and desktop visitors behave differently across your main funnel.

Visitors on mobile and desktop experience your site in different ways. These differences might affect the way they behave across your funnel. Comparing how they behave will help you understand if you need to work on your mobile or desktop user experience. Not to mention, if visitors on a certain type of device (mobile or desktop) underperform, you’ll know to stop or reduce advertising for those visitors until you improve the experience. Let’s get to the 2 key steps to compare experiences.
Step 1:
Head over to your main funnel on Oribi.
Step 2:
Compare both funnels. 
Click the breakdown button, and compare funnels by platform. On which platform do visitors convert better overall? Identify in which funnel steps you see the biggest difference between groups.
Funnels Week - Win 3 - Step 2 Image

What’s next? 

If there’s a big performance gap between mobile and desktop visitors, consider reducing or stopping your ad spend on the underperforming platform until it’s optimized. Also, make a plan to optimize the funnel on that platform.