Content Marketing Week - Win #2

Create content “buckets,” and analyze their current conversion rates


Here, you’ll create “buckets” for your different types of content. Measuring how well each bucket performs will let you allocate your resources around the content that really converts.

You’re most likely producing several different types of content—video tutorials, written guides, ebooks, webinars, short blog posts, long blog posts, and more. You may also be creating content based on target audience. But how well do these different types of content convert? Does one type bring more conversions than another? Does one work better with one audience than with another?
For example, a site like Etsy may produce content for both buyers and artists/creators. Etsy might then discover that the content targeting buyers doesn’t convert, but the content for artists does. Etsy would then want to invest more of its resources into that artist content.
Knowing which type of content works best for your site is the key to effectively allocating your resources. Here are the steps on how to find out.
Step 1:
Create a Magic Event in Oribi for one type of content.
We’ll use blog posts as an example. In your Oribi account, click Create a Magic Event > Choose from Events Catalog. In the Content and Key Pages tab, click Blog Visits. Oribi will then round up every page of your blog and group the pages into one Magic Event that you can use in analyses across the platform.
Content Marketing Week - Win 2 - Step 1 Image

Step 2:
Repeat these steps for any other content types you want to analyze
For example, you might create a Magic Event of all your customer testimonial pages or of all your video plays. If you don’t see a certain content type in the Magic Events catalog, you can always create one from scratch. You can also use this route if your URL slug doesn’t change between content types. For more guidance on creating Magic Events, check out this article.

What’s next?

Once you’ve created Magic Events for your different types of content, start comparing their results across the Oribi platform. To see how your content performs for various acquisition channels, use the Channels section. In the Funnels section, you’ll see how your content impacts your main flows. To spot any correlations between your content and conversions (e.g., are people who read your blog more likely to become customers?), head to Win #3.