Content Marketing Week - Win #1

Make sure all your subdomains and guest posts are tracked in Oribi


By ensuring your subdomains and guest posts are tracked in Oribi, you’ll get a clear understanding of how the content performs across your entire website. You’ll know whether the resources you invest really pay off.

If you’re investing resources in content marketing and SEO, you need to know how those investments pay off. Although this win is more on the technical side, it lays the foundation for understanding whether your investments are worth it.
The first step to understanding the impact your content marketing has on your conversions is to ensure it’s all being tracked by Oribi. Does your site have a subdomain? Are guest posts linking back to your site? Follow the steps below to make sure Oribi can track these visitors and conversions.
Step 1:
Install Oribi on all your subdomains.
If your blog appears under a subdomain (e.g.,, you’ll need to ensure it’s connected to Oribi. The same goes for any other subdomains you may have, such as payment platforms, contact forms, your store, etc. Connecting everything to Oribi will allow you to see how your entire funnel performs—all the way from a blog post to conversion, for example.
To install Oribi on your subdomains, enter the Settings section of your Oribi account. Click Add A Domain > An Existing Ecosystem. In the dropdown, choose the ecosystem of the site associated with your subdomains. Then, copy and paste the Oribi tracking code for that ecosystem into your subdomain code. For detailed instructions on how to install your tracking code, see our detailed guides.
Step 2:
Add UTMs to all future guest post links.
To see the impact that posts linking to your site have on your conversions, you must add UTMs to those links. Doing so will allow you to see the behavior of these visitors, as well as the events they perform and how many of the visitors convert. For any future guest posts that link to your site, include a UTM in the link you provide the author. If there are certain guest posts that drive a particularly large amount of traffic to your site, it may also make sense to request that a UTM be retroactively added to the links there.

What’s next?

You’ll only need to connect your subdomains to Oribi once (unless you add more subdomains). After that, you’ll find them in the dropdown of your Oribi account. Adding UTMs to guest post links is something you’ll continue to do each time there’s a new post. To learn how to start analyzing your content performance, see Win #2 for this week.