Email Marketing Week - Win #8

See whether sending people to content converts better than conversion-oriented CTAs


By the end of this win, you’ll know whether you should first send users to content or use a conversion-oriented CTA in your emails. Learn how to measure which type of CTA converts best and how to frame your emails.

You want the people who open your emails to convert. The question is, what’s the best way to make that happen?
It could be that sending users to valuable content before asking them to convert will work best. This approach solidifies the user’s relationship with your brand, which is something they’ll likely remember later on. On the other hand, it may also be that including a clear, conversion-oriented CTA in your emails works best. You can easily find out which works best for your site, using Oribi and working through the 2 steps below.
Step 1:
Take stock of what kind of emails you’re already sending.
For example, if your product is a sports watch, you may be sending an email that provides users with 10% off their purchase. If that’s the case, you’re sending your leads conversion-oriented emails. If the emails you send instead direct users to videos, tutorials, or webinars, we’ll classify the emails as content-oriented.
Step 2:
If only sending one kind of email (content- or conversion-oriented), test out another kind.
Going back to the sports watch example, if you found that you’re only sending emails with coupons, you may want to try sending an email that features a use case. For instance, such an email could link users to a blog post about how John Smith used your sports watch to go from couch-sitting to running a 5k in 2 weeks. As always, make sure to add a UTM to every email you send.

What’s next?

Check how each type of email converts. Go to the Attribution section in Oribi, choose your conversion from the dropdown, and view your results by UTM campaign. Compare the numbers for each email type. Which kind of emails brought the most conversions? Once you know which works best for you, you can adjust your email marketing strategy accordingly.