Email Marketing Week - Win #5

Create a process to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing


By the end of this win, you’ll have a process in place for measuring the effectiveness of your email campaigns. This process will enable you to improve your email marketing and increase conversions on an ongoing basis.

As you likely send many different types of email campaigns, it’s important to know how each performs. While open and click rates matter, high rates for these don’t necessarily mean a campaign is effective, and vice versa. As every email campaign has a goal, the campaign’s effectiveness should be measured according to that goal. Here’s how, in 3 easy steps!
Step 1:
Use UTMs.
Add UTMs to your emails if you haven’t done so yet (see Email Marketing Week, Win #1).
Step 2:
Map out your current email campaigns.
Copy our Email Effectiveness Spreadsheet Template (File > Make a Copy), and list your recent campaigns that included UTM links. You should also list any new automated emails or campaigns that go out. 
Step 3:
Analyze how your campaigns currently perform.
Analyze the performance of your email campaigns, and add the results to the spreadsheet from Step 2. If the goal of your email campaigns is to get users to purchase, go to the Revenue section in Oribi and scroll down to By UTM. There, you can check the performance of your various UTMs. If your email goal is something other than a purchase, head to the UTMs section of Oribi instead (under Channels).

What’s next?

See if you can find emails that convert well but that don’t have high open rates. Optimizing the subject lines for these emails could be a quick win. Also, keep regular track of your email marketing effectiveness. Having that information will help you improve your branding and messaging on different platforms.