Email Marketing Week - Win #4

Understand how visitors from email behave in your main funnel


By the end of this win, you’ll understand how site visitors who come from email flow through your main funnel. If those visitors underperform, you’ll be able to focus your attention on increasing their conversion rates.

Your main funnel’s conversion rates vary for different types of users. Visitors who come from a Google Search will behave differently than users who arrive via social media or email. If the conversion rate for visitors who came from email is much higher than the rate for other channels, focus on capturing leads in order to convert them via email later on. 
If the conversion rate for visitors coming from email is lower, however, you may want to change your email style or add text to motivate those visitors to move through your funnel. Or, create a different funnel for email subscribers. Either way, you’ll likely be able to increase conversion rates across your main funnel.
Step 1:
Create your main funnel.
Go to the Funnels section of Oribi, and create your main funnel if you haven’t already (see Funnels Week, Win #1). 
Step 2:
Filter your funnel by channel, and then choose “email.”
Email Marketing Week - Win 4 - Step 2 Image
Step 3:
Compare your overall funnel conversion rate to the conversion rate for visitors from email.

What’s next?

If the conversion rate for email visitors is much higher than for other channels (or your main channel), focus on adding more users to your email list and then converting them through email nurturing. If that conversion rate is lower than for other channels, try optimizing your emails to motivate those visitors to move down the funnel. Another option is to create a sub-funnel for those email campaigns, based on where users most frequently drop out. For example, if they drop out on the Pricing page, maybe try a light version of your Pricing page.