Email Marketing Week - Win #3

Understand the behavior of visitors arriving from email


By the end of this win, you’ll have a better understanding of how visitors who arrive via email behave on your site. This information will help you both prioritize and optimize your email activity.

Open and click rates definitely give you an indication of the effectiveness of your emails. But seeing how visitors who come from email behave on your site will give you a better understanding of the effectiveness of your email marketing. For example, you might find that visitors tend not to purchase after arriving from an email, but that they do spend a lot of time on your blog. In this case, you may consider guiding users to the blog and then add a purchase CTA on the blog posts themselves (instead of in the emails). You may also consider creating a special blog only for paying customers, which could increase the motivation of visitors arriving from email to pay. The best course usually depends on recipient behavior, so let’s dive in to understand your email recipients’ behavior, which you can do through the 3 steps below.
Step 1:
Explore the granular behavior of visitors coming from email.
Use the Visitor Journeys section of Oribi to explore the behavior of individual visitors who arrived at your site via email. To narrow the list down to just these users, filter by users who arrived through email.
Email Marketing Week - Win 3 - Step 1 Image
Step 2:
Note the most common events recipients performed.
Export the journeys from Step 1 to a CSV file, sort the events, and look for the most common ones. Note that you’ll see the last 500 journeys, so perform this check for an email campaign you run. If you need more than 500, reach out to Oribi’s support.
Step 3:
Compare these events with your email goal.
Compare your main email goal to what email recipients end up doing on your site. Do the two align?

What’s next? 

If visitors from email don’t take the actions you want them to take (either at all or not to the extent you want), consider optimizing your email text to increase users’ motivation to take the desired action. You could also add relevant CTAs on the pages that visitors do visit. This action should result in a conversion increase.