Paid Acquisition Week - Win #9

Export audiences and create new Lookalike audiences


Finding a good seed for your Lookalike audiences = cutting advertising costs and increasing conversions. In this win, you’ll learn another technique for creating powerful seed audiences.

(Note: This win will only work if you collect email addresses on your site and have implemented Oribi’s email integration feature.)
Getting the right seed for your Facebook Lookalike audiences is the key to getting great results on FB. The main method for creating a seed is to define an event (such as a signup or purchase) and create it using code or using Oribi’s Export Events. FB will detect all visitors that perform this event and will try to detect similar people. Another method (the one you’ll be implementing today) is to upload a list of emails as a seed. While the event-based method is more dynamic, the email list method can allow you to create new and more advanced segments. Here’s how in 3 steps:
Step 1:
Create audiences in the Visitor Journeys section. 
Go to the Visitor Journeys section, and open the custom filters dialog. An amazing world of segmentation opportunities has just opened up for you! Here are a few filters you can use to create segments: 
  1. All visitors whose session duration was longer than X (we recommend a minute or so)
  2. All visitors with more than one session 
  3. All visitors who performed a certain event (or events)
  4. All visitors who generated a revenue higher than X (for eCommerce)
  5. All visitors who visited certain pages
The custom filters let you create complex audiences, such as all visitors who spent more than 5 minutes on your site, had two sessions or more, and signed up. Wow. That’s something you could never reach by just using events. 
At the same time, don’t go crazy with the filters. The smaller the audience is, the less likely FB will manage to find good fits. We recommend starting with only basic filters so that you’ll have enough visitors for a good seed. The minimum number of users to upload as a seed should be around 100. However, FB can’t identify all the email addresses (mainly work email addresses), so you’ll need to get to 200 users or so. If you’ve just recently added Oribi to your site and don’t yet have a wide enough visitor base, wait a little longer.
Step 2:
Export to CSV. 
Once you find a segment you like, click on Export to CSV. Remove all the data except for the email addresses.
Step 3:
Upload to Facebook as a seed. 
Go to FB Ads Manager > Audiences > Create Audience > Lookalike Audience. Click on Create New Source, and then Custom Audience. Then select your customer list.
Paid Acquisition Week - Win 9 - Step 3 Image
From this step, FB will guide you on how to set and upload the list. You can upload a few different lists and see which one performs best. If that approach works well for you, try to define this segment every few weeks in Oribi. Then download the CSV of the segment and upload it to FB again. The more emails you have on the list, the better the results you’ll see. 

What’s next? 

Create new campaigns and/or ad sets using the new Lookalikes you created!