Paid Acquisition Week - Win #6

Identify optimization opportunities within your funnel


Every small improvement to your funnel can drive more revenue and leads. Learn how to analyze your funnel for each paid channel and campaign.

Funnels tell the story of your website visitors. Here, you’ll learn how funnels can tell the story of visitors from different campaigns and what you can do with that information. One of the most important skills for advertisers is “playing detective” in order to understand why a certain campaign doesn’t perform well. Is it the ad creative? Are you targeting the right audience? How’s the bid? What about placement? Funnels will help you with your detective work. 
Here’s how to identify funnel optimization opportunities in 2 steps:
Step 1:
Break your key funnel down by channels and UTMs. 
Go to the Funnels section in Oribi, and select your key funnel. Click on View Funnel Breakdowns. Start by exploring how visitors from your paid channels behave compared to All Visits. It makes sense that visitors coming from paid acquisition will convert less often than visitors coming from other sources, who have less intent. But you must also detect if these users behave differently further along the funnel and where they drop out. Now, create breakdowns by UTMs. By default, Oribi will generate funnel breakdowns for the top 3 UTMs that lead to a particular funnel. You can easily add new ones and explore certain campaigns, ad sets, or ads.
Step 2:
Compare the funnels for specific campaigns. 
Look closely at the behavior of visitors coming from a campaign or ad set that doesn’t perform as well. Do a head-to-head comparison of the funnels. If the funnels are more or less the same (e.g. 0.5% conversion rate for both funnels), your visitors aren’t the reason for the low performance. Rather, it’s likely due to an ad with low CTR, high bid, etc. That information tells you that you’re bringing the “right” visitors, but for a higher price. If the funnels have different conversion rates, you’re bringing visitors who are less likely to convert. Now try to go deeper. 
Maybe most of the traffic for one campaign is from mobile. Do visitors from mobile convert more than desktop visitors? What about the geo? Are you leading visitors to the same landing pages? Spotting the funnel step that’s different and doing some more detective work using Oribi’s funnel breakdowns will give you much more clarity.  

What’s next? 

If you see that the funnel conversion rates for your ads are similar, then you’re bringing the right audience to your campaigns. Work on adjusting the ad creatives for any underperforming ads. If you notice differences in funnel conversion rates, you’ll need to adjust the targeting of the campaigns or ad sets that lead to the underperforming funnel.