Paid Acquisition Week - Win #2

Create better Lookalike audiences on Facebook


Exporting events to Facebook is one of Oribi’s most powerful features. Export your events, create a wider spectrum of visitor behavior, and use the audience that works best as a seed.

Lookalike audiences are the most popular and most powerful targeting method on Facebook. This method is based on a “seed”—a segment of at least 100 visitors who performed a certain action, such as all paying customers. Facebook then generates a much wider audience of up to millions of FB users with similar interests and behavior patterns who are likely to be a good audience for your service.
What’s the catch? The wider the seed, the better the match FB will generate. If you have a seed of 100 visitors, compared to 100,000, for example, the results of the second and larger audience will probably drive much better results.
To create better Lookalike audiences, follow this 5-step process:
Step 1:
Create a list of 5–10 events that represent different levels of intent, ordering them from lowest to highest intent. 
For example, an event of very low intent might be simply visiting the homepage. A high-intent event could be a purchase. More in-between events might be viewing the catalog, pricing, or contact pages, or clicking on the sign-up button. Here are some examples to get you started when creating your own list.
Pro Tip: You can also group various events, such as all visitors who visited any one of your key pages or all visitors who used the chat or signed up.
Step 2:
Select the top three events on which you’d like to base your Lookalike audiences.
We assume you already have some Lookalike audiences, so now is your chance to create new ones. Choose events you haven’t used before for your Lookalike seeds.
Step 3:
Set these events as Magic Events (if you haven’t already done so).
Step 4:
Export the events to Facebook. 
To do so, go to the Manage Events section in Oribi. Find the Magic Events you’d like to export to FB, and click on Export Event.
Step 5:
Create a Lookalike audience on Facebook.
You’ll do this through your FB account. Note, however, that you can’t immediately create your Lookalike audience. As you need at least 100 visitors as a seed, you’ll need to wait a few days until enough visitors have performed your event.

What’s next? 

For detailed instructions on how to create your Lookalikes, check out these resources: