I used Oribi to increase traffic by around 20% in 16 hours by editing existing blog posts because Oribi has figured out the whole events and funnels thing. They figured out that I don’t give a damn about them, I want answers. I want to know what blog posts are working, what links are visitors really clicking, what page is converting most people into sign ups. It's a nightmare getting that information from Google Analytics and Oribi nails it.
Oribi is like having an analytics and data employee in my business, 24 hours a day. It immediately tells me what I need to know, rather than just presenting me with raw data. Oribi gives me insight and helps me focus my marketing efforts in areas that work. And now they have reporting, it makes me look like a rockstar to my customers.
Oribi has been an amazing product to us. Even for someone with the ability to code and analyze data the time savings and ease of access to important metrics are more than I could have ever asked for.

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Setting up Oribi is SO much easier than Tag Manager for tracking conversions on my clients' sites! You're set up in less than 15 minutes, with accurate measurement of how each traffic channel is converting! Recently I stopped a client's ad campaign because his cost per conversion was so much higher on Google and Facebook ads, and his organic traffic was converting 400% better. I wouldn't have had such clear insight on our campaign results without Oribi. Now this client is getting double the conversions at 30% lower cost than before on his digital marketing budget!
Oribi has made it so much easier to see what exactly our customers love about our site, and what they are wanting more of. This has been beneficial in creating, developing and implementing new products and technology!
From the moment we discovered Oribi it was "love at first report". The ease in which this platform simplifies our website's traffic and interactions far outpaces the hassles of trying to pull the same data out of Google Analytics. If you're wasting a lot of time putting together reports that break your heart and brain, get Oribi, the platform and team are world-class. We won't ever go back to the old, antiquated process of assessing our website's performance.
Oribi is like a precision scalpel for my website analytics. Oribi cuts away all the clutter you find in Google Analytics and gives me actionable insights into my site and the user experience. It saves me time and removes frustration. Additionally, Oribi makes my reports clearer and more digestible. I've used Google Analytics for over a decade. I signed up for the Oribi free trial because I knew there had to be a better way. I purchased oribi 2 days later after seeing the event correlations and have not looked back.
Oribi is a solid platform in the niche of web analytics. It comes as a functional tool to overview crucial website metrics. The system provides an in-depth analysis with all key measurements and insights that are easy to navigate and read. It is possible to track users’ interaction along with detailed customers’ journey overview. With full-cycle analytics, it is easy to plan the marketing strategy for the nearest future as well as potential website improvements in the long run. Recommend to use.