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We at Oribi are on a mission to simplify analytics and help companies of all sizes become data driven—without the headache. Be a part of the movement.

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Marketers are all about people.

We love interacting with other marketers. Whether it's through our in-person relationships or our online communities, we're all about sharing what works for us and helping each other out.

Oribi's goal is to help companies of all types and sizes make data-driven decisions. If you're on board with the Oribi cause, come help us spread the love.

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Your Fellow Marketers Will Get:

5% off every package

A fantastic product that'll help them:

  • Increase their conversions
  • Build funnels, track visitor behavior, analyze conversions, and more - no coding required
  • Generate gorgeous reports in a matter of minutes
  • Optimize their Google and Facebook campaigns

You Will Get:

Commission based on the number of customers you refer to Oribi


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Recurring Earnings:


Priority support

Dedicated account manager

Training sessions

Marketing materials

*Recurring earnings are 20%, starting at $90 from the second month
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Oribi's an excellent tool to share with agencies, eCommerce sites, and marketing colleagues from companies of all sizes.

You don't have to be an Oribi customer to be a part of the Share & Earn program. Even if you're not currently using Oribi yourself, it'll still be the perfect fit for others in your network.

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