Oribi Facebook Ads Analytics is free.

You can analyze an unlimited number of ad accounts with an unlimited number of users without a charge. All the current capabilities of the product will remain free, including: ad sets analysis, active ad sets trends and email reports.

Why is Oribi Facebook Analytics free?

Oribi’s mission is to help companies get meaningful and actionable data in a simple way. Oribi Facebook Ads Analytics is the first product we’ve released. Our goal for this release is to start working with communities of marketing teams who are looking for advanced analytics. Over 4,500 companies already use Oribi.

Which paid services will Oribi offer in the future?

Oribi’s main product will be released at the beginning of 2017. It’s a BI/ Analytics tool which is not based on integrations with other products and more importantly, doesn’t require help from developers in order to collect data. In other words - a simple BI/ Analytics tool that marketing and product managers can set themselves and start getting actionable data on the same day. Oribi will enable you to collect all the main events users perform on your company’s website, track trends, changes and valuable data. It will enable you to easily answer core questions such as :

  • View user segments (engaged users, paying users, users with a higher bounce rate, etc.) and know from which channels they’re coming from, what affects their behavior and how to bring more of them.
  • Analyze advanced funnels
  • Track all events and analyze their trends.

Oribi is also going to connect website events to Facebook ad analytics. Think of it as a ‘conversion pixel’ on steroids. See how users from each ad set behave differently, which settings lead to engaged and returning users, and what you need to change on your campaigns in order to get high quality users.

If you’d like to get early access to the beta - send us an email to We’d love to hear from you.