Switch From Google Analytics

Let’s be honest - getting actionable insights from Google Analytics isn’t easy. It was built for analytics experts with plenty of time and technical resources - unlike most of us.
Meet Oribi, the tool that helps you take the right data from your site and turn it into smart business decisions.

Actionable Insights

Stop drowning in endless reports! Oribi highlights what you shouldfocus on and helps you translate your data into action.

No Developers

Being data-driven starts with the right events. With Oribi, you don't need the help of developers to get them. Track all events and key metrics - easily and code-free!

Your Single Source Of Truth

Counting results right is crucial to make the next decisions. Oribi is your objective, single source of truth - unrelated to Google.

Compared Features


Event Building & Tracking

Oribi tracks everything automatically.

Oribi was built for people who want to be data-driven without having to invest lots of time and money. Everything on your site is tracked automatically, unlimited and without you having to do anything. Your time is better invested in understanding your visitors' behavior and optimizing your conversions.

Google Analytics requires some work.

You need tech support and a developer in your reach. If you want to track events, you have to define them manually, and changes on your site need to be updated in your GA account as well.

Event Creation

Oribi - Automatically

One of Oribi's unique characteristics is that it tracks 100% of the events on your website automatically. This means you no longer need to manually set up or code the interactions you want to track on your site.

Google Analytics - Manually

Google Analytics only tracks pageviews automatically. To track button clicks, you have to define them manually, by code or in Tag Manager. Events you didn't specify will not be tracked.

Data Tracking

Oribi - Unrestricted

100% of your data is tracked with Oribi, without any limitations. See the full picture of what happens on your site.

Google Analytics - Sampled

Your data is sampled for a larger number of sessions, reflecting only an assumption of the number of visitors to your site.

Historical Data for New Events

Oribi - Unlimited

Oribi tracks everything from the moment your site is connected. We let you look back in time for any event, starting at the moment Oribi was connected.

Google Analytics - Doesn't exists

Events are only tracked once you create them manually.

Dynamic Tracking

Oribi - Automatically

Each new or modified event on your website, such as a different button label or a new page, is automatically tracked by Oribi. It's that easy!

Google Analytics - Not supported

You will need to define new events manually in order to track them.

Custom Events

Oribi - Supported

100% of your data is tracked with Oribi, without any limitations. See the full picture of what happens on your site.

Google Analytics - Supported

Actionable Insights vs. Raw Data

Oribi is for everyone.

Our focus is on increasing your results. Oribi highlights what requires your attention. It translates your data into actionable insights and helps you focus on what really matters.

Google Analytics was developed for experts.

In order to get actionable data, you need lots of tech support, the knowledge of what to look for and which questions to ask, and an understanding of GA's reports.

Traffic vs Conversions

Oribi - Conversion focused

Traffic is nice - but doesn't get you anywhere if your visitors don't convert. Oribi has everything you need to focus your efforts and optimize your conversions.

Google Analytics - Traffic focused

Google Analytics focuses on basic traffic numbers, like Time on Site, Bounce Rate, etc.


Oribi - Auto-generated

Oribi scans your traffic, conversion goals, key pages, and main visitor data, and pinpoints trends for you. If there's a change in traffic or in your main conversions, Oribi also finds potential causes.

Google Analytics - Manually

Comparing different time periods is possible. You need to go over several reports, though, and will have to find trends yourself - or hire an analyst.


Oribi - Unlimited

Oribi finds the most relevant insights in your data and highlights how to increase your conversions.

Google Analytics - Limited

Only for the events you have defined manually.


Oribi - Auto-generated across features

Oribi highlights your most important data within your marketing channels, attribution, visitor journeys, etc. to help you make smart, results-oriented decisions.

Google Analytics - Not available

Individual Visitor Data

Oribi lets you follow every step of your visitors.

Oribi gives you access to single visitor journeys to follow every step of their experience, understand specific behavior within funnels or attribution, and identify prospects by their email addresses.

Google Analytics gets you limited access.

With Google Analytics, you get limited access to the journeys of individual visitors. You only see the pages someone visited.

Individual Visitor Journeys

Oribi - Unlimited

Oribi lets you follow every button click, form submission, and page visit across all sessions of individual visitors. Dive deeper into specific journeys and reveal behavioral patterns.

Google Analytics - Limited

You can see the pages a visitor viewed. Events are only displayed if you have defined them upfront.

Visitor Data for Funnels & Attribution

Oribi - Unlimited

You can follow the sessions of visitors who dropped out in important steps of a funnel or represent an interesting attribution pattern. Understand what led them to it.

Google Analytics - Limited

Single visitor data is unavailable for attribution and limited to page visits within funnels.

Filtering by Events

Oribi - Rich set of filters

Filtering for specific journeys empowers you to drill down into different segments. In Oribi, you can apply multiple filters, from the channels your prospects arrived from, the device they used, and the country they came from, to any event they have performed during any of their sessions.

Google Analytics - Very basic

You can filter journeys by a few basic metrics, such as the number of sessions and the average session duration.

Email Tracking

Oribi - Available on demand

Idenfity your prospects by their emails to better understand specific paths.

Google Analytics - Not available


With Oribi, you can build any path you like.

Oribi's funnels let you build any path you want to look into. You can include any event or conversion goal as a step in your funnel, build funnels across domains, and filter for specific segments.

Google Analytics’ funnels are limited.

Funnels are an important part in optimizing your site for more conversions. In Google Analytics, you can only select page visits as your funnel steps. This leaves multiple blind spots for every button a visitor clicks.

Funnel Creation

Oribi - Available

Track your conversion funnel across all your domains, such as landing pages, booking tools, etc.

Google Analytics - Limited

You can only include page visits as steps in your funnel.

Cross Domain Funnels

Oribi - Available

Track your conversion funnel across all your domains, such as landing pages, booking tools, etc.

Google Analytics - Available, but usually outsourced

Cross-domain funnels include a more advanced setup and are usually outsourced to agencies or Google Analytics experts.

Funnel Filters

Oribi - Available

You can filter your funnels to get deeper insights into the paths of different segments, such as visitors coming from Facebook or browsing from mobile.

Google Analytics - Not available

Marketing Attribution

Oribi gets you full attribution for any event.

In most cases, your customers had several touchpoints before converting. With Oribi, you can finally identify and evaluate all touchpoints involved in any event a visitor performed on your site, whether it was defined or not.

Google Analytics displays limited attribution.

Google Analytics uses by default the last touch attribution model. It credits the last channel a customer used before converting, which is highly misleading in cases where the customer used multiple channels. Different models are available only for pre-defined events.

Default Model

Oribi - First Touch

By default, we report the first channel through which a customer learned about your brand before converting on your site. If you want to see all touchpoints, look into Oribi's full attribution feature.

Google Analytics - Last touch

This model only reports the last channel a customer used before converting on your site.

Attribution Models

Oribi - Unlimited

With Oribi, you can look into any event and choose from different models, as well as define your own model in order to attribution all touchpoints involved.

Google Analytics - Limited

Only available for pre-defined goals.

Visitor Data per Touchpoint

Oribi - Available

Oribi lets you look into the sessions of individual visitors to reveal interesting attribution patterns and learn from their behavior.

Google Analytics - Not available

Event Correlations

Available and super easy to create in Oribi.

Oribi's Correlations help you evaluate any content and find out how different events affect your conversions. You can now easily answer your most burning questions, like "Are visitors who viewed the video on my homepage more likely to sign up?"

Google Analytics - not available


Oribi - stunning, customizable and auto-generated.

Oribi's reports are built for you, generated in a second, beautifully designed, easily shareable, and can be fully customized to make it look like your own report.

Google Analytics - basic, standardized reports.

Google Analytics has standardized, very basic reports. You can only include a limited amount of metrics, and funnels cannot be part of the report. The alternative is building reports yourself - which takes hours and often includes tons of frustration.

Creating Reports

Oribi - Auto-generated

With Oribi, you'll have mind-blowing, sharable reports in a second. With the content you decide to include.

Google Analytics - Traffic Focused

Basic, standardized reports. If you want the reports to look different or include specific metrics, you'll have to build them yourself - taking hours of your day.


Oribi - Full Customization

Change the design and make it look like your own report. Each section allows you to add a summary to highlight your achievements. You decide which metrics to include and which ones not.

Google Analytics - Basic Reports

You cannot change the design of Google Analytics' standard reports. The data you can include are basic traffic metrics.

White-Label Solutions

Oribi - Available without limitations

It's your report You can add any logo, change the colors, and make this report look like your own.

Google Analytics - Not available

Sharing Reports

Oribi - Automatically

Export reports to PDF, share them straight from your account or automate them to be generated and sent on a regular basis.

Google Analytics - Basic

24/7 Support

In Oribi, you have your personal conversion expert.

You get a dedicated conversion expert, available for you to answer your questions, and show you nifty tricks and hacks to optimize your conversions.

Google Analytics - not available

Common Questions

But, Google Analytics is free

Google Analytics offers a freemium version - but the costs go far beyond a monthly fee.

Key for any successful marketing strategy is to have the right information. With Google Analytics, you have to know exactly what you want to track, you will always depend on tech support and developers for setup and updates, and you need to translate the raw data into actionable insights - or get an analyst to help you with that. That's a lot of time and money you need to invest to make smart decisions.

The other issue is that Google Analytics only includes very basic, traffic-oriented metrics. It doesn't tell you which actions drive your conversions, how to allocate your budget right, and what you need to do to optimize your site. The right metrics can take your business to the next level. It shouldn't be limited to enterprises. That's why we've built Oribi. It's the power behind your next strategic actions. With Oribi's insights, you can easily cut advertising costs spent on the wrong channels, stop wasting time on writing content that doesn't convert, uncover where you lose most visitors, and optimize your site for more conversions.

What if I'm using Google Analytics today?

You're in great company - many of our users used to have a Google Analytics account.

Oribi is fully compatible with any other tool you might use. There's no reason why you can not keep your Google Analytics account alongside your Oribi account, if you like - but you'll soon see that it's not necessary. :)

Btw, if you have already defined custom events in your Google Analytics account, you can easily import them to Oribi as well.