Oribi for eCommerce

Your goal is to sell - With the right insights you can focus your marketing efforts, sell more products and lower your costs. Oribi empowers online shops of all platforms to understand their shop visitors, optimize their journeys, and turn your data into a conversion compass.

Insights & Trends

Uncover your shop’s opportunities
Getting lost in endless piles of data?
Oribi highlights what requires your attention and turns your data into a compass leading to higher revenue.
  • Understand which actions drive sales
  • Stay on top of changes in your shop
  • Know where to focus your efforts to increase revenue

Visitor Journeys

Pinpoint your customers’ behavior
Imagine you could follow your prospects through your shop.
With Oribi, you can see every step individuals take in your shop and reveal journeys of customers who check out, add to cart, etc.
  • Follow customers across sessions and multiple domains
  • Reveal the top paths customers take to checkout
  • Use Email Integration to match journeys with your top customers

Smart Funnels

Fix your shop’s bottlenecks
When you know where you’re losing customers today, you know where you need to spend most of your time optimizing.

Oribi’s funnels are smart, can include any button, page or form on your site, can even be cross-domain, and are built in a button click.
  • Discover where you’re losing customers on their way to checkout
  • Remove bottlenecks and improve the customer journey
  • Build cross-domain funnels or filter for specific segments

Event Correlations

Learn which content actually increases checkouts
From videos to product pages, creating content takes time. Oribi helps you evaluate each of your efforts, focus on the content that drives sales, and eliminate activities that waste your time.
  • Reveal the content that guides visitors to purchase
  • Evaluate any action on your site, 100% code-free
  • Understand which actions to focus visitors on to push sales

Marketing Attribution

Know the revenue each channel generates
Facebook, Instagram, Google... Most customers have several touchpoints with your online shop before buying something.

This makes planning your marketing activities a struggle. Oribi’s full attribution feature solves this issue.
  • Find out how much of each channel's budget drives revenue
  • Uncover every touchpoint involved in a purchase
  • Define the right acquisition strategy for each of your goals

Marketing Channels

Know where to place your next dollar
You don’t need to be everywhere - only on the right channels.

Oribi shows you which channels are most profitable for your shop, and which are just wasting your resources.
  • Find the channels you get customers from
  • Know exactly how to invest your resources right
  • Track and compare multiple campaigns by their UTM

Custom Reports

Make sure everybody sees your great work
Got a spike in revenue? Share it with your boss and teammates!

Oribi’s reports are fully designed, customizable, and ready in just a button click.
  • Create reports with your best results in a second
  • Add your logo, change the layout and highlight your achievements
  • Schedule reports to be generated and shared automatically

No Developers Needed

Track your shop 100% code-free
Oribi takes the heavy-lifting off your shoulders.
No need to involve IT to track visitor behavior in your shop.
  • Monitor everything in your shop without using code
  • Define your conversion goals in a few button clicks
  • No maintenance - Oribi’s smart technology takes care of that