Export Any Website Event to Facebook Ads Without Using Code

Once Magic Audiences is added to your site, EVERY action your website visitors perform are tracked and tagged.

Here`s how it works:
  • Select an event and export it to your Facebook Business Manager in one simple click.
  • Once exported, any data from site visitors will continue flowing freely to the FB event.
  • Make as many changes to your website as you want! Once you set a rule, we track it all, no matter what you do to your website page.
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Better Lookalikes.
And a Lot More of Them.

The better your lookalike audience, the better your results.. With Magic Audiences, each event you export to Facebook can easily be used as a lookalike source.
Now you’ll have the freedom to:
  • Use different visitor behaviors as lookalike sources to test and optimize performance.
  • ‘Mix and match’ different events to create more advanced audiences.
  • Create unlimited lookalikes to match any visitor segment or intention, in minutes.
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Optimize Your Campaign Objectives and Ad Set Delivery

The conversion event is the primary visitor behavior you optimize your ad sets to - website visits, purchase, sign up, etc.

It’s the key factor of any successful campaign, so it’s of the utmost importance that you find the right event for your business.

Exporting Magic Events to Facebook will enable you to easily test out different conversion events, create smart groups, and understand what works best for each ad set.
Find The Right Conversion Events

Import FB Pixel and GA Events to Conversion API

Facebook’s new Conversion API enables advertisers to send server side events, rather than pixel based events.

Pair this with Magic Audiences, and you get better data coverage than ever before: Take any event you’re already sending to Facebook and Google, and send it to FB via CAPI to capture more precise signals from your visitors and their actions.
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