Create More Accurate Lookalike Audiences for Facebook and IG
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Ditch your dependence on developers. In just two minutes (yes, we timed it), Magic Audiences enables you to take any event that users perform on your site, export it to Facebook, and use it to create custom and lookalike audiences (and custom conversions) - all without code.
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The best way to create great lookalike audiences is to leverage the behavior of your existing users.
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How Does it Work?


Connect Magic Audiences to your site (just like any other tag or plugin)


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Start exporting events and creating codeless conversions in seconds!

Who is it For?
Large Advertisers
Working with a big budget gives you the flexibility to test out new ways to optimize your marketing campaigns in order to achieve the best possible results. But you don’t want to distract your dev team with never-ending tests and tweaks.
Magic Audiences for Facebook enables you to instantly generate and test any Lookalike audience or conversion event you can think of without writing a single line of code.. Now you can test to your heart’s content without drowning the dev team in a sea of requests.
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Small Advertisers & Business Owners
No dev team, no problem. Get the same results as the big advertisers with half the budget. Setting strong events is the key to high performing campaigns.
Magic Audiences will help you target the right buyers, as well as optimize each ad set for the correct conversion. No developers required.
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