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Why Use Oribi Instead of Google Analytics?

Actionable Insights

Stop drowning in endless reports! Oribi highlights what you should focus on and helps you translate your data into action.

No Developers

Being data-driven starts with the right events. With Oribi, you don't need the help of developers to get them. Track all events and key metrics - easily and code-free!

Your Single Source Of Truth

Counting results right is crucial to make the next decisions. Oribi is your objective, single source of truth - unrelated to Google.

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I use Oribi several times every day, I have all the insights I need readily available whenever I need them. If I need to drill further and explore the details of a funnel this is also intuitively available.
I've grown to become dependent on Oribi.
Eigil Arff Tarjem | CEO at Defero
Oribi events exported to FB probably make our advertising 35% more efficient, which adds up to tens of thousands of dollars per year.
Bryce Conway | Founder and CEO of 10xtravel.com
The product and the team behind Oribi are excellent. From day one, the team has been there every step of the way and continues checking in almost weekly. My goal was to find an analytics program that anyone in my team had the confidence to use. Oribi does this and allows us to make well-informed decisions.
Cameron Parker | Founder of The Dairy