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Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that makes it easy to stay in touch with your leads and customers.
Trigger personalized emails to be sent at exactly the right moment
Create custom segments based on the actions visitors take on your site
Craft highly-targeted email campaigns without having to use any code

Mailchimp Without Oribi

Mailchimp offers users an easy way to create and launch customized email marketing campaigns without the need for any backend designing. With Mailchimp, you can trigger automated campaigns based on certain actions your visitors take throughout the sales funnel, as well as how recipients respond to the emails you send. This allows for richer email marketing campaigns.
However, while Mailchimp enables you to use certain actions that occur during your sales funnel as triggers, these events are limited. eCommerce businesses can connect their stores to Mailchimp for the option to use cart abandonment and purchase events as triggers, but the other steps in the sales funnel are less accessible. There is, of course, an option to create custom events for your website through use of the Mailchimp API. However, this route calls for the help of developers, which requires both time and resources.

Mailchimp With Oribi

Once Mailchimp is integrated with Oribi, you’ll have access to all your website events when crafting your email campaigns. Easily export your events to Mailchimp, and every step in the conversion funnel can be used as a trigger. And, since Oribi tracks 100% of your events automatically, there’s no development work required.
When you use Mailchimp in conjunction with Oribi, you can engage with your site visitors in powerful ways. Did someone show interest in your service by signing up for a webinar? Use events like these as triggers to easily (and automatically!) communicate with potential customers at exactly the right moment.

Example Use Cases

  • Did a visitor schedule a demo on your site? Export that action to Mailchimp and trigger a follow-up email to get them stoked for their call.
  • Is there someone who viewed a certain product 10 times but didn’t end up purchasing it? Send them a video of an influencer reviewing that product. 
  • Maybe someone recently started installing your platform but didn’t complete the process. Send them an email to ask if they need any help troubleshooting.

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