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Klaviyo is a marketing platform that lets users deliver a personalized experience to their customers via email & other channels.
Build highly-targeted customer segments without having to use any code
Send personalized campaigns based on the actions visitors take on your site
Contact potential customers at exactly the right step in their journey

Klaviyo Without Oribi

Built for eCommerce websites, Klaviyo provides its users with a powerful segmentation feature that enables them to send customized email sequences to dynamic audiences. 
However, the events on which Klaviyo users are able to base their segments and flows are limited. While Klaviyo boasts a deep integration with Shopify, not every step of the sales funnel is accessible for use in segmentation—which means that many of the meaningful actions visitors take on your site slip through the cracks. Klaviyo offers the option to set up API-based website activity events, but this option requires a developer, and therefore time and resources, too.

Klaviyo with Oribi

Once Klaviyo is integrated with Oribi, you’ll have access to all your website events when creating customer segments and personalized campaigns. Exporting Oribi events to Klaviyo is 100% code-free, meaning that you can use every step in the conversion funnel as a part of your marketing—without the help of developers.
When you use Klaviyo in conjunction with Oribi, you can build laser-sharp customer segments and send email campaigns based on any website action you choose. Have a website visitor who visited pages from a certain product line more than once? With Oribi’s Klaviyo integration, you can easily (and automatically!) send that visitor product testimonials, coupon codes, or any sort of follow-up resource you like.

Example Use Cases

  • Did someone who recently purchased also view products of a different category? Export that action to Klaviyo and automatically send them a discount on those other items.
  • Did one of your customers also read some of your blog posts relating to another product line? Send them a video of an influencer reviewing items from that product line.
  • Or maybe a certain visitor viewed your About Us page on several different occasions—go ahead and send them a video introducing them to your brand’s mission.

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