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Intercom is an interactive customer success platform, helping companies build valuable relationships and attend to their customers’ needs through various marketing features such as bots, apps, product tours, email messages, and a help center.
Easily follow up with users who visit a page or click a CTA but don’t convert or set up a bot to guide those who need extra help
Take personalization to another level with highly targeted campaigns triggered by on-site actions
Send personalized messages when a visitor is on a specific part of your funnel to prevent them from dropping off

Intercom Without Oribi

Intercom provides a set of generalized events that allow for customizable actions, such as real-time messages that pop up as your customer is doing the specified action. 
The events offered by Intercom are limited by what is offered as a code-less solution. Should you wish to implement a critical event that is more granular, then a team of developers is required to adjust the on-site code and then implement it on Intercom itself.
Intercom & Oribi Integration

Intercom With Oribi

The Intercom and Oribi integration allows you to export all your events in a code-free manner. This way, you can create custom segments and reach out to your customers on a more personal level, addressing their needs at any stage of the funnel. 
Oribi cuts out the heavy coding process, letting you seamlessly export your Oribi events to Intercom without involving developers. Like this, all your events from every step of your conversion funnel will be visible on Intercom. Create automated messages via Intercom based on these events, giving you a highly targeted way to get to your customers by offering coupons, reviews, or a general FAQ on a particular page. 

Example Use Cases

  • Have you noticed a lot of traffic on your FAQ page? Automatically send a personalized message from a designated customer representative to your customers, offering direct answers and guidance. You can also trigger a bot to guide them. 
  • Do some visitors start the demo booking process without completing it? Send a follow-up message or email with a list of benefits to using your service.
  • Are visitors spending a lot of time on your blog posts or the About Us page? Offer your visitors some kind of sale incentive while they are browsing your non-funnel pages.

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