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Build workflows based on meaningful actions that visitors take on your website
Contact visitors at precisely the right step in their user journey
Match visitors who submit email addresses through HubSpot forms with their activity across your website

HubSpot Without Oribi

HubSpot is a powerful marketing automation platform that allows users to automate emails, score leads, build landing pages, and manage interactions with customers. 
While HubSpot enables you to trigger workflows based on various properties and actions (such as page visits), there is no option to trigger workflows with button clicks. That means that if someone signs up on your site, visits the pricing page, and then clicks the Upgrade button but doesn’t purchase, there’s no way to trigger a workflow that’ll send that user a certain email series to motivate them to return. Although it’s possible to use a page visit as a workflow trigger, there is quite a gap between the intent levels of those who simply visited the pricing page and those who actually clicked to upgrade. You don’t want to drag down your email open rates by emailing prospects who aren’t yet ready to convert—you want to email the right visitors.
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HubSpot With Oribi

When HubSpot is integrated with Oribi, you can easily export any of your website events—which Oribi has tracked automatically—to your HubSpot account to be used in building workflows with precision. Yes, even the button clicks! This gives you the power to contact your visitors at exactly the right moment.
When you use HubSpot in conjunction with Oribi, you’ll be able to automatically send those visitors who actually clicked to upgrade any set of emails you want. You can also use any Oribi event in an If/Then branch in HubSpot. That is, if a visitor performs a certain Oribi event, have the workflow do X or if not, do Y.

Example Use Cases

  • Did a contact click the upgrade button but not go any further? Export that action to Hubspot and trigger a 3-email sequence with testimonials from customers who are happy they upgraded. 
  • Is there someone who visited a certain product page two days in a row but never ended up purchasing? Send them a video of an influencer reviewing that product. 
  • Maybe a lead read a recent post on your blog, and then visited the Work With Us page but never hit “send”. Send them an email asking what they thought of the blog post!

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