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Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that provides data on how users interact with your website.
Create goals from any website event—no need for code or tag managers
Craft segments based on any action visitors take on your site
Enrich the Google Analytics data you export to other platforms

Google Analytics Without Oribi

Google Analytics offers users an analytics platform that’s designed to help you understand your visitors’ behavior and optimize your website’s performance. Google Analytics gives you access to a wide range of reports, letting you track and analyze conversions, determine how your website pages are performing, and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
However, while the data Google Analytics provides is powerful, tracking specific events and conversions can be a hassle and usually requires a developer. Events such as button clicks must be manually defined, and any changes you make to your site will need to be updated in your GA account as well—meaning both setup and maintenance require resources. 

Google Analytics With Oribi

Once Google Analytics is integrated with Oribi, you won’t need to rely on developers or tag managers to track the events you need. With Oribi, they’ll be tracked automatically! Easily export your Oribi events to Google Analytics, and you’ll be able to use any action a visitor takes on your site as a goal, no development work required.
When you use Google Analytics in conjunction with Oribi, you’ll have access to both internal Google data, such as pre-defined audiences, along with Oribi’s automatic, codeless event tracking.

Example Use Cases 

  • Want to track clicks to request a demo in GA—but your developers are swamped? Export that action from Oribi to Google Analytics and set it up as a goal in seconds.
  • Maybe you want to see how your webinar converts for a certain audience. Webinar clicks are automatically tracked in Oribi, so just hit export and view that action in GA!
  • Implemented a GA goal for an event that uses CSS...and then the CSS changed? No worries! Where Google Analytics stops the count, Oribi keeps right on tracking. 😎

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