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Google Ads
Google Ads is an advertising platform that helps users promote their products, raise brand awareness, & drive website traffic.
Use any event on your website to craft highly-targeted Remarketing lists
Create ultra-precise Similar Audiences based on any action a user takes on your site
Get access to all your site visitors’ actions to understand and optimize your visitor flow by keywords

Google Ads Without Oribi

Google Ads lets users create online advertising campaigns to reach audiences who are interested in the types of products or services they offer. With Google Ads, you can drive new traffic to your site by getting your ads in front of qualified users, target people who have already been to your site in the past, and tailor your campaigns to fit your budget. 
However, while Google Ads enables you to build targeted campaigns, the website actions available for use are limited or, at the very least, require a developer to set them up. Since events such as button clicks must be manually defined—and maintained—in your Google Analytics account in order to be used in Google Ads, getting access to the events you need requires time and resources.

Google Ads With Oribi

Once Google Ads is integrated with Oribi, you’ll have access to every single one of your website events without having to use code or tag managers. Export your Oribi events to Google Ads, and you’ll be able to use any action a visitor takes on your site to create spot-on Similar Audiences and more effective Remarketing lists. Use these events just as you would any other conversion and make measuring and optimizing your Google Ads activity that much more powerful.
By using your Oribi events as GA-imported conversions, you’ll have a better understanding of how your campaigns perform and be able to deliver the exact right messaging to the exact right users at exactly the right moment.

Example Use Cases 

  • Want to retarget visitors who only partially filled out your Contact Us form—but your developers are swamped? Export that action from Oribi to Google Ads and use it in your Remarketing campaigns, easy peasy.
  • Want high-intent users to see your ads on Google Display? Create a Similar audience based on visitors to your site who clicked on your ‘request a demo’ buttons.
  • Running an ad campaign based on an event that uses CSS...and then the CSS changed? No worries! Oribi keeps right on tracking, so it’s still accessible in your Google Ads account.

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