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Facebook allows marketers to reach a wide, highly targeted audience with their paid advertising campaigns.
Create more accurate Lookalike audiences using any website event as a source, no code required
Launch more effective retargeting campaigns
Optimize your ad set delivery based on any website event or conversion
Keep your campaigns on budget and ensure a positive ROI by easily monitoring your ad spend

Facebook Without Oribi

Lookalike audiences help you find your new best customers. By providing Facebook with a large enough group of high-intent visitors—your source—Facebook’s ad algorithm can serve your ads to similar (new) audiences who are likely to convert. However, creating multiple effective sources in Facebook normally requires manual work, programming, or the use of tag management systems (to track button clicks, for example, rather than just page views). 
Facebook retargeting campaigns, which marketers can use to target people who previously visited their websites, also require manual work. If you wish to retarget visitors who performed meaningful events on your site (such as clicking a certain button) this, too, will require development work or tag management. The same is true for setting and testing conversion events in order to find the right one  for which to optimize your ad set.

Facebook With Oribi

By integrating Oribi with your Facebook Ads account, you’ll be able to export 100% of your website events to Facebook as custom events, including any button or link click, as well as   form submissions and combinations of different pages
Following a simple script implementation, you’ll be able to create larger, higher-intent, sources. This will enable you to create more accurate custom audiences from which you can then create and target Lookalikes. You’ll also be able to test various conversion events and find the right one for which to optimize your ad set. 

Example Use Cases

  • Want high-intent users to see your ads on Facebook? Create a Lookalike audience based on visitors to your site who clicked on your ‘request a demo’ buttons.
  • Retarget all the visitors who viewed pages belonging to a certain category.
  • Not sure which ad set objective is more effective for your online course platform? Try using “Enrolled in course” or “Account created” and see which brings better results!

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