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ActiveCampaign offers you tools to build unique customer experiences. From email marketing automation to CRM tools, you can segment your audience and target them in a customized manner.
Target the right audience and pinpoint high-intent prospects.
Get your audience’s attention with personalized messages and address their needs with tailored guidance.
Provide perfectly-timed, targeted calls-to-action to increase conversions.

ActiveCampaign Without Oribi

ActiveCampaign offers a standard set of triggers and actions as options when it comes to targeting visitors. 
These general actions appear at different stages of the funnel but are standard and restricted. If you want a more granular approach, then developers are needed to code and implement specific events.
ActiveCampaign + Oribi

ActiveCampaign With Oribi

The ActiveCampaign and Oribi integration provides a fast, codeless way to access all actions a visitor takes on your website. 
This cohesive solution bypasses the limited number of events offered by ActiveCampaign, giving you the power to trigger precise automations based on any move a visitor takes on your site. This awesome integration cuts out the need for coding or using developers!

Example Use Cases

  • Export Oribi’s events to ActiveCampaign and target users who take a certain action on your website. For example, encouraging visitors to download your app for better user experience and more content.
  • Own an eCommerce store? Great! Target visitors by sending them info on certain products they’ve added to their wishlists. This could even include a discount or some appealing reviews.
  • Is a visitor spending a lot of time browsing through your B2B pricing plans? Use this action as a trigger to send them a message from their assigned representative or even a dedicated landing page.

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