How It Works

Getting Started

Oribi is an easy-to-use application and doesn’t require any training. To start using Oribi simply log in with your Facebook account. Once you log in, Oribi will detect all ad accounts that are connected to your account (either by ads manager or business manager). Once you select the ad account you wish to analyze, Oribi will automatically track all the trends within the active ad sets as well as providing a full report on all the major stats from the last 30 days. You can easily modify the date range you wish to query or change the ad sets selection.

Oribi’s Facebook app use ‘read only’ permissions, which means the app cannot create or modify campaigns and you’re not taking any risk.

Main Features

Main changes by time range :

Both Facebook Ads manager and Power editor display rich information about your ad sets performance. It’s great, of course, but also has its downsides - It is hard to notice even the major changes in your performance and especially to understand what caused them.
The ‘Main changes’ feature scans all the active ad sets and highlights changes you should note.

For example:

  • Significant changes of cost per result, CTR, clicks to conversions and other key metrics.
  • Notifications in cases the allocated budget didn’t lead to any results
  • Notifications when a certain ad set crossed a frequency rate.

"Results" are up by 26% from 50 to 63

The cost per result has decreased from $5.50 to $4.83

CTR has improved from 0.72% to 1.09%

Active ad sets tracking

This feature provides a quick, actionable overview of your active ad sets performance. It enables you to immediately spot trends and know when action is required.
  • See your ad sets performance highlights, including breakdowns that are unavailable on Facebook.
  • Compare results from the last days to the ad set’s average performance and get notifications on major changes.
  • For example : CPC is up by 27% compared to the average, your usual CTR on Tuesdays is 1.7% but yesterday it was 3.3%.

Available active ad sets metrics

Get a summary by a selected date range, compare it to the lifetime average and average by day of the week. Get notifications on changes. Oribi supports the following parameters :
  • Results
  • Cost per result
  • Amount spent
  • Clicks (all)
  • CPC (all)
  • CTR
  • Impressions
  • CPM
  • Clicks to results (conversion rate)
  • Frequency


The analytics feature enables you to pick any group of ad sets and analyze them. The analysis will indicate which settings led to the best results. See which audience type, audience size, time of day and much more brought the best cost per result, highest CTR or optimal conversion rate. The goal of the analytics feature is to help you optimize your campaigns by knowing which settings to use and which ones to avoid.

Oribi provides the following breakdowns:

By Placement :

See which placement (mobile, desktop, Instagram, etc) has the highest ROI, CTR and conversion rate. Get highlights in case there are major differences between the budget spent on a certain placement and its results.
For example - 55% of the budget was allocated to mobile but only 20% of the results were from mobile users.


By Creative:

  • See which images and headers perform best across different ad sets.
  • By number of creatives - what is the optimal number of creatives on each ad set for your campaigns.

By Time :

By time of the day - compare costs, CTR and performance by different hours of the day. Should you spend more budget:
  • During the morning, afternoon, evening or night?
  • By day of the week - which days of the week result the best outcomes.

By Geo:

See how your budget is allocated between different countries and states and compare it to the results. Get notifications in case there’s a major difference between the percentage of the amount spent on a specific geo and the results coming from this geo.


By Audience:

  • Targeting : compare the performance of different targeting methods : Lookalikes, retargeting, by interests and more.
  • By Audience size - what is the optimal audience size for your campaigns
  • By Gender
  • By Age group
  • By interests groups

Export reports

Oribi enables you to export each analysis as .CSV and .PNG files. Coming soon - export to PDF.

Email reports

Coming soon. Get daily or weekly reports with a summary of your active ad sets performance, highlights of main changes compared to the previous week’s and other key metrics. Use email reports to make sure you don’t miss any important changes, know when to take action and modify your campaigns. Email reports are also a great way to easily share data with colleagues.

Supported dvata

Oribi can analyze ad sets from the last year. Ad sets which were created over a year ago won’t be analyzed.

Oribi supports the major campaign objectives: link clicks, conversions, app installs, post engagement, page likes, leads, video views and offers. Ad sets with other objectives will be tracked on the active as sets tab but can’t be included on the analytics reports.

Oribi doesn’t support breakdowns by multiple conversions, this feature will be released in November 2016.


Oribi is an approved Facebook application and works under Facebook’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Log in to Oribi is done directly via the Facebook API. Using Oribi requires the following permissions:
[Add here]Oribi’s app uses ‘read only’ permissions and doesn’t require any permissions which can be used to modify campaigns, create campaigns or change budget settings. Oribi users can’t modify campaigns, they may only perform different analysis and generate reports. There’s no need to be an ad account administrator in order to use Oribi, user with [fill here] permissions can enjoy the same feature set. Read the complete privacy policy here.