What is Oribi?

Oribi is an analytics tool - only different

Oribi helps companies and marketing agencies increase conversions - more leads and higher sales.

Take a peek at what you can expect when using Oribi:

  • Analyze and optimize your calls to action and top pages - Easily know which buttons your visitors click the most, on which pages they perform best, and where you lose visitors on their way to convert.
  • See the big picture - instead of endless data. While Oribi tracks all the interactions on your site, you’ll also get a summary of your most meaningful events, insights, and trends.
  • Track your main marketing channels - Know how visitors coming from Facebook, Google, Adwords, Instagram, and more behave, discover usage patterns by channel, and reveal which channels convert best.
  • Cross-domain support - Build cross-domain funnels and track your visitor behavior across all your domains.
  • No coding needed - Oribi was designed to give you easy access to your web analytics. Define your main conversions, build funnels, and create reports with zero code.