Email Integration with Hubspot Forms

With Oribi’s Hubspot forms integration, you can easily match your site visitors who submit an email address via Hubspot forms with their activity in Oribi. Doing so enables you to trigger workflows for these visitors based on the actions they take on your website.
If your website uses Hubspot forms to capture visitor email addresses, follow these steps to integrate Oribi with your forms and see how those visitors interact with your site.
  1. Make sure Oribi’s script is installed on your website.
    This is the foundation of Oribi’s tracking.
  2. Locate the Hubspot forms section in your website’s code.
    If you’re using Hubspot forms on your site, your website’s code already contains a piece of Hubspot forms code.

    It will look something like this:
    <script charSet="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
        region: "na1",
        portalId: "12341234",
        formId: "12341234-1234-1234-1234-123412341234",
  3. Add the snippet below to your Hubspot forms code.
    For Oribi to begin associating the email addresses submitted through your forms with the actions those users take on your site, you’ll need to edit the Hubspot forms code you located in Step 2.

    Immediately after the formId number (and right before the close </script> tag), copy and paste the following snippet into your Hubspot forms code:
    onFormSubmit: function($form) {
      let email = $form.find('[type="email"]').val();
      if (email) {
        ORIBI.api("setUserEmail", email);
    All together, this section of your code should look like this:
    (We’ve highlighted the snippet you just added)
    Hubspot Forms Code
  4. Check out how visitors who submit their email addresses interact with your site!
    That’s it! Once you’ve completed Step 3, Oribi will match the email addresses that visitors submit through your Hubspot forms with their activity on your website.

    In Oribi, head to the Visitor Journeys section. Here you’ll see a list of all the visitors to your site. For any visitors who submitted their email address, their email will be displayed instead of a generic visitor ID. You can then trigger workflows on Hubspot for those users based on the events they perform on your site.
    Visitor Journeys - Hubspot Integration Section