Use the Custom filters to have a look into specific journeys. You can filter by:
  1. Buttons Clicked - Follow visitors who clicked a specific button, such as completing the checkout or downloading your eBook. You can choose any Magic Event or click.
  2. Pages Visited - Filter visitor sessions to a specific page, such as your pricing page, or a group of pages, like all your blog pages.
  3. Number of Sessions - Take a look at the visitors who had a specific number of sessions, such as returning visitors with more than four sessions.
  4. Session Length - Search for long or short sessions to track their patterns.
  5. Referrer - Filter by visitors coming from specific referrers, such as anyone coming from Facebook.
  6. Country - View journeys of visitors from a specific country to reveal different behaviors.
  7. Platform - Select the visitors coming from a specific platform, such as those who come from mobile.
You can also use the default filters:
  • Used Magic Events will filter by visitors who performed one or more of the Magic Events you've set.
  • Highly Active Visitors shows you the most engaged visitors on your site.
Click on "Export to CSV" to export selected visitor journeys. This way, you can explore specific visitor segments, answer much more complex queries about them and find patterns in their behavior.