Email Integration

Oribi enables you to identify your website visitors by their email addresses. It will help you track the activity of specific visitors and connect their sessions across devices.
The Basics
Once your Oribi script is installed on your site, it collects every button click, form submission, and page visit that your site visitors perform. This is done automatically, and there’s no need for a developer to add any additional code to the website.
While custom events can be imported from Google Analytics and Facebook automatically, Oribi also offers a way for customers to actively set up their own custom events. To do this, a developer must add an Oribi API Javascript call to your website. This code integration allows a developer to select when and where to send a custom event, as well as how to name it. The location is the code, but the timing for sending an event will vary between sites and types of events.
Email Integration Explained
By default, all data that Oribi tracks about your website visitors is completely anonymous. Oribi assigns a unique user ID to each of your site’s visitors, and all sessions and actions (clicks, visits, or custom events) performed by that visitor are connected to their unique ID.
For customers who collect their site visitors’ email addresses via a login or sign-up mechanism, Oribi offers additional active integration, in which you can send a visitor’s email address by adding a Javascript call to the Oribi API. Oribi will then create a mapping between the Oribi generated user ID and the email address that was sent.
Upon successful integration, the customer will be able to see their visitors’ email addresses displayed in the Visitor Journeys page, as well as see their full journeys across all platforms and devices.
How To Activate Email Integration
You can activate Oribi’s email integration yourself, if you’re website is built on Shopify or WordPress/ WooCommerce. For all other platforms, custom coding is required. You will need a developer to help you. Your developer can read more about it in the Oribi Javascript API section.
Activate Email Integration In Shopify
There are two possible ways, depending on the method you chose to connect Oribi - with Oribi’s Shopify app or via manual installation.
Activate email integration in Oribi’s Shopify App
If you have installed Oribi’s Shopify app to connect Oribi, activating the email integration feature is done in a click.
  1. In your Oribi account, open the Settings from the top menu.
  2. Under Shopify App Settings, click on Connect Email Integration.
Email Integration - connect via Shopify app
Activate email integration manually
If you have added your Oribi tracking code to your Shopify website manually, activate the email integration by adding the following three lines of code to the end of your Oribi tracking code (just before the </script> tag), where you installed the Revenue code:

Code Example

{{%- if customer && -%}}
ORIBI.api("setUserEmail", "{{}}");
{{%- endif -%}}

Activate Email Integration In WordPress & WooCommerce
In your WordPress plugin “Oribi Analytics”, go to the Settings and check the Track users email box. Click Save.
Email Integration - connect via Wordpress