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Craft & Send Ultra-Targeted Intercom Series Based on Oribi Events

Craft & Send Ultra-Targeted Intercom Series Based on Oribi Events
With Oribi’s Intercom integration, you can easily build highly-targeted segments and send personalized messages to users and leads at exactly the right moment. Since Oribi tracks all your website events automatically, this integration makes any action a user takes on your site available to be used in rules when crafting series, setting up in-app chats & banners, and segmenting visitors. For example, you can...
  • Send visitors discounts & coupons based on the product pages they view
  • Follow up with users who visit your demo page but don’t end up booking one
  • Reach out & introduce your brand to visitors who view your About Us page
  • Reduce funnel leaks by sending in-app messages at crucial moments
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use your own Oribi events to create and send Intercom messages to perfectly crafted visitor segments.
1. Decide which event you’d like to use in segmenting your audience, and export it from Oribi to Intercom.

You’ll want to choose a meaningful event, one after which it makes sense to reach out to your visitors. Which event you choose depends on the goal of the campaign(s) for which you’ll be using the event to define your series rules.

For example, let’s say you want to automatically send an Intercom series featuring hand-picked relevant articles to customers who viewed certain pages on your website. In our case, that might be visitors to our Features or Integrations pages. This event—we’ll choose visits to the Features page—is the one you should export to Intercom to be used in your series rules.

To use this event in your series rules (or for any other segmenting in Intercom), you first need to make sure you’re exporting it to Intercom. In your Oribi account, click Manage Events > Manage Exported Events. Locate the event you identified above.
Export Events to Intercom - Screenshot
If the event you want to use is already being exported to Intercom, move on to Step 2. If not, check out this article to learn how to export events to Intercom.
2. Create a new Intercom series.

In your Intercom account, click on the paper airplane in the left side menu to head to the Outbound section. Click Series > New series. You may choose one of the provided templates or start from scratch.
Create Series in Intercom GIF
Drag a “rules” block (located in the right side menu) into your workspace, and click to edit it.
While we’ll leave the detailed ins and outs of how to create your series to Intercom themselves, you’ll learn in the next step how to use your exported Oribi events in the series you just created.
Intercom series can be used for creating on-site banners, email sequences, bots, in-app chats, and more. In-app chats and bots can be particularly useful when it comes to funnel optimization. For example, if you offer a SaaS solution that requires getting through an installation step, you can use a bot/chat to help users through and prevent them from dropping out of the signup funnel.
3. Using Oribi events, set rules for your series.
You’ll now set your series entry rules, which will determine which visitors enter the series. In our example, we want to create a series that will automatically send relevant articles to visitors who viewed our Features page. We’ve exported an Oribi event to Intercom that contains all visits to that page; we’ll use this event in our series rules to make sure those visitors enter the series.
In the Audience section of your rules, click + Add a rule. Either scroll through the list that appears until you find your exported Oribi event, or start typing the name of the event.
Add Rules in Intercom Series - Screenshot
You can then choose the value or condition to be used with your event. Depending on the nature of the event you exported, you might choose “has any value”, “is unknown”, “is greater than [number]”, “is not”, etc. For our example, we’ll choose “has any value”—meaning that if a visitor performed the event at least once, they’ll match the rule and enter the series. Add any other rules you’d like to use to define your series audience, and then click Save rules.
4. Add the rest of your series components.
Once you’ve got your series rules defined, you can add content to your series by dragging any of the components from the right side menu into your workspace.
For example, since we want to send a series of emails to users who visited the Features page on our website, we’ll drag in a couple email blocks.
Intercom Series - Screenshot
There are a ton of options you can take when creating your series, such as adding rule blocks later on to narrow down who continues through the series, branching the series path into different routes, and specifying wait times between series steps (among many others).
You can also set exit rules (under Show settings) to define which visitors should leave the series and when—feel free to use Oribi events here, too! For example, suppose you’re an eCommerce site that wants to exclude from your series users who have already purchased. You could use the Oribi event Visited Thank You Page in your exit rules to make sure those users automatically exit your series.
Play around with it! That workspace is your oyster. If you’d like a more detailed look at crafting a series in Intercom, check out this article.
Once you’ve got your series looking sharp, give it a final review, and then set it live!