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Define The Right Keywords For Search, Display & Youtube Ads

Define The Right Keywords For Search, Display & Youtube Ads
Keyword analysis is the cornerstone of your search marketing campaigns. To optimize your search campaigns for the best results, measuring clicks per keyword is not enough. Instead, you need to understand how visitors coming from different keywords behave on your website.
Exporting your Oribi events to Google Ads will give you access to more visitors’ actions to understand your visitor flow by keywords, eliminate the keywords that drive ‘junk traffic’, and determine the ones that result in more conversions.

Use Oribi’s Events To Evaluate Keywords:

Step 1:
Export events from Oribi to your Google Ads account.
Map key events for your business, such as purchases, quote requests, or signups. If you haven’t exported your Oribi event to Google Ads yet, read here how to do it.
Step 2:
Analyze your keywords.
1. In your Google Ads account, go to All Campaigns and select any campaign you want to analyze keywords for. Choose Keywords.
Google Keyword Analysis - choose keywords
2. You will get a list of all keywords you are using. Once a keyword drives any conversion you have defined and exported to Google Ads, it will appear as a line below the keyword.
Google Keywords Analysis - keywords list
You can also export the events to an Excel or CSV file and define the ratio between one event to another. For example, see if for a specific keyword there are many ‘add to cart’ events but hardly any purchases.

Best Practice: Learn which keywords drive which goals to identify certain behaviors.

If you discover that a keyword attracts visitors to your site, but doesn’t get them to convert:
  • The keyword might not represent your offer well or may attract the wrong type of visitors. Try to change the bid according to the new data you have. If you see that the event drives hardly any conversions, lower the bid or stop targeting this keyword.
  • There might be a mismatch between the ad context and your offer. For example, you highlight a free trial on your ad, but your product is pretty pricey. Try for a closer match between your ad and the event you want visitors to perform.
  • Make sure there’s a correlation between the landing page you’re directing to and the event you’re aiming for.

If you find that your keyword has expensive clicks but a high conversion rate for the event you want people to perform.
  • In this scenario, you might want to consider increasing the bid and look for more similar keywords you can target.