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Supercharge Your Facebook Objectives With Oribi's Events

Supercharge Your Facebook Objectives With Oribi's Events
The Objective sets the tone for every ad set you create on Facebook. Based on the event you choose, Facebook analyzes the users’ engagement with your ad and optimizes the targeting. The better the objective you use, the more likely you are to get high quality leads at a lower cost.
Every ad set on Facebook has an objective. The objective tells Facebook what it is you wish for people to do - click on the ad and sign up, purchase, something else...? Facebook’s algorithm continuously analyzes the people who performed this objective and automatically adjusts the audience your ad set will be displayed to. For example, if you chose signups as your objective and Facebook recognizes that the majority of people who signed up were female, over 40 years old, and from the US, your ad will automatically be displayed to a similar audience. The objective helps you get more leads at a better cost - and the closer the objective is to your business goal, the better the results will be on your Facebook campaigns.
Oribi’s Export Events feature enables you to create more types of objectives with minimal effort and to easily find the objective that drives the best results. It will also help you eliminate ‘junk clickers’ on your ad.

Which objective should you pick for your ad sets?

Since Facebook optimizes the targeting based on the objective, choosing your main business goal, such as a purchase, would be ideal. However, in most cases it’s not so easy. Facebook requires a minimum of 50 conversions/week for each ad set to start optimizing. Since most companies run a few ad sets and conversions are only counted for visitors from Facebook and Instagram, reaching 50 conversions per week for each ad set equals a few hundred conversions on your site per week. Not all websites reach these numbers. If you run a large website with many conversions, choose your main goal as the objective. If your main goal doesn’t reach high enough counts, you can define different objectives to help you optimize your campaigns. You need to find the right balance between an objective which indicates a high intent and also has a high enough weekly count.
This tutorial explains how to use your Oribi events for optimizing Facebook objectives and includes examples for multiple industries.

Get Started With Conversion Objectives

Step 1:
Map your main business events.
In your Oribi account, make sure you've created Magic Events which indicate high intent and which can reach a count of 50 unique visitors per week per ad set - reaching a specific point within the funnel, visiting certain pages, etc. Try to get as close to your main conversion goal as possible. We recommend creating a few different Magic Events, testing them as objectives in your Facebook campaigns, and seeing which work best.
Step 2:
Export the event(s) to Facebook and create conversions.
Once Oribi is connected to your Facebook Ads account, you can export any Magic Event in Oribi under Manage Magic Events. Here’s a step-by-step guide.
Step 3:
Use your new Conversion Event in an Ad Set.
In your Ad Set, under your website pixel, choose Conversion Event and select the exported event you want to test.
Facebook Objectives - conversion event
Test your ad set with an existing campaign first. Once you find the best events for your ad set, start rolling it out for different creatives and across campaigns.

Best Practice: Best Practice Objectives By Industry

This is a list of common objectives by industry.

  • Purchases
  • Add to Carts
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Signups
  • Installs / Onboarding Completed
  • Active Trials
  • Demo Requests
Medical, Real Estate, and Services
  • Form Completions
  • Quote Requests
Travel / Events:
  • Booking Confirmed
  • Account Created
Education / Online Training:
  • Enrolled in Class
  • Account Created
  • Form Completed