Ecosystem Settings

Manage Your Ecosystem Settings

An ecosystem is a unit with one unique tracking code for one or more related domains. You can invite team members, change the time zone, and exclude IP addresses for all domains within one ecosystem.
Changes apply to all domains within one ecosystem. If you have multiple ecosystems in your account, you can invite different users to different ecosystems, set various timezones and exclude IP addresses only for specific domains.

Select a Timezone

The time zone you choose for each ecosystem sets the boundaries of a day for your events and reports, regardless of the location the event originated from. For example, if you choose America/Los Angeles as your time zone, Oribi reports a day with the beginning and end of Los Angeles time, even if events for this domain were performed from New York, Tokyo, or London.
To manually change the time zone:
  1. Go to ⚙︎  > Settings > Ecosystem Settings.
  2. If you have multiple ecosystems, choose the ecosystem you want to change the timezone for from the dropdown.
  3. Under Timezone, choose the time zone from the drop-down. Note that the time zone you choose will be for this domain as well as all other domains and subdomains you may have defined for this ecosystem.

White-Label an Oribi Ecosystem

With Oribi, you can make any Oribi ecosystem look like your own by adding your logo or your clients' logo.
  1. Go to ⚙︎  > Settings > Ecosystem Settings.
  2. From the dropdown, choose the ecosystem you want to exchange the logo for.
  3. Under White Label drag or Browse for your logo.
  4. Choose Open to add the selected file to your Oribi account.
    You can add any png, jpg, jpeg, or tiff file.

Invite/Manage Ecosystem Members

If you're using multiple ecosystems, you can add someone to only specific Oribi ecosystems, such as giving your clients access to only their domains.
Invite Teammates
To define the level of access someone has, choose one of the following roles for each new member:
  • Admin. Has full permissions for all domains in the ecosystem
  • Team Member. Can do anything in the ecosystem, besides adding new domains and accessing billing information
  • Viewer. Can view the data in the ecosystem, but cannot set Magic Events, use Oribi’s features, etc.
    *Use this role if you want someone to view data without the option to modify anything, such as an agency client.

To invite someone (your client, for example) to a specific ecosystem only:
  1. Go to ⚙︎  > Settings > Ecosystem Settings.
  2. Select the ecosystem you want to grant someone access to.
  3. Under Invite/Manage Ecosystem Members, add the email address of the person you want to invite and define their role.
  4. Click Invite.
You can revoke someone’s access at any stage by simply clicking the bin icon next to their email address.

Exclude IP Addresses & Tracking

Oribi supports excluding specific IP addresses, or an IP range. This means Oribi won't track any action coming from the IPs you've excluded. You might want to exclude some addresses, like your company IPs, so that internal tests and sessions within your company are not included in your insights and trends. Once you’ve excluded IP addresses, data coming from these addresses will no longer be sent to Oribi's servers. This will have no impact on the data collected before the exclusion.
There are two ways to exclude IP addresses & tracking in Oribi: 

1. Through Your Account

If you’d like to exclude your browser from being tracked only for certain domains go to ⚙︎  > Settings > Account Settings and scroll down to Exclude IP Addresses.
Exclude IP Addresses
Enter an IP address or a range of IP addresses and click Exclude.
2. Through Oribi's Chrome Extension

To exclude yourself from all Oribi tracking, you may use Oribi's Chrome Extension. To install Oribi's Chrome Extension on your browser, simply visit this link, click "Add to Chrome", and then "Add extension". Once the extension is installed on your browser, click the Oribi icon in your extensions bar and toggle the switch next to “Hide Me From Oribi Tracking”. Toggle the switch to the off position to begin tracking again. This will exclude your traffic from all Oribi tracking, across all domains.

To exclude your browser from being tracked only for certain domains, click “Advanced Settings” and enter the domains you’d like to be excluded from. Hover over any domain in the list to temporarily pause your exclusion or begin tracking again for that particular domain.
It's important to note that, if using this option, everyone with access to your Oribi ecosystem whose traffic you'd like excluded will need to install the Chrome extension.